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DoubleJett Piper Moo,MGR# B1233, DOB: 04/08/2010. Sire: Brown Shop Road Wells Porter, S-L Molly. Piper is a disbudded black and white doe.  First kidding she had twins, second Kidding she had triplets. Very nicely built girl.

Beechkeld 1133, MGR# B3794, DOB 03/15/2011.  Sire: Beechkeld 0906, Dam Beechkeld 0755 Dendra.  This is my peacock patterned doe, she is horned and delivered triplets her first kidding. she comes from the beechkeld herd  VA.

Zoey DOB: 06/01/2011, Zoey is my biggest baby, and loves attention. 

Kruegers family farm Cassie. MGR# B9634, DOB 04/01/2013. Sire: Roselane Farm Bucky, Dam: Beechkeld 1133.  Cassie is one of Triplets born this year. She is a Toggenberg pattern and built really nice she is blue eyed and disbudded,  I was very pleased with this breeding and will be breeding the sire and dam this fall.

Kruegers Family Farm Coco,MGR# 9635, DOB 04/01/2013. Sire: Roselane Farm Bucky, Dam: Beechkeld 1133. Coco is a blue eyed peacock pattern and is disbudded,  she is one of the triplets. Very  impressed with the looks of this one. 

R fainting Farm Sasha, MGR# B5046,DOB 01/16/2012, Sire Coyote Creek RB the Hummer, Dam Stone Acres Poke-A-Dot. Sasha is a black and white, brown eyed, Horned moonspotted doe. She is very Myotonic and is built like a tank. She came to me from Jill Wallace in Ill. check out her website